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25k RUN description

Start time: 10:00am   (8hr max finish time)

This course will take trekkers from the starting area, heading alongside Rt120, up the up the S.A.W trail, and then to the first aid station @ the Eastern Trailhead of the Eagleton Mine Camp Trail. Following the course, trekkers will eventually come back through the Eastern Trailhead before hitting the return trail towards the Eagleton Demonstration Forest Trail, then onto the finish.
The first and last 5k
m of this course are a bit challenging, but you’ll be rewarded with miles of very runnable trails in between!

Approx. elevation: 2200ft

Total aid stations: 3

25k RUCK description

Start time: 9:00am   (9hr max finish time)

RUCK•ING [VERB] // Walking/hiking with a weighted rucksack (aka backpack). It implies action, energy, and purpose. Rucking requires strength, endurance, and character — and builds it, too.
RUCK RULES – The weight standard is determined by body weight:

At or Over 150 pounds/lbs. – 20 pounds/lbs. dry
Under 150 pounds/lbs. – 10 pounds/lbs. dry

You may use anything you wish (steel plate, bricks, sandbags, etc) to comprise your dry weight but all food and water must be removed before weigh-in.
: RUCKSACKS only – weighted vests are not permitted

Approx. elevation: 2200ft

Total aid stations: 3


Trails Collective is a partner and provides mapping tools for Eagleton.

Interactive Maps Provided by Trails Collective

Conceived in 2018, and launched in February, 2020, the Trails Collective provides regional coverage of trail events and updates, volunteer opportunities, links to entities forming the Collective such as coaches and shops, gear reviews, an event calendar with mapping integration, communication message boards, and multiple video channels celebrating all of the above.

Eastern States 100 is pur parent organization.

The Eastern States Trail-Endurance Alliance promotes trailrunning and the responsible use of public lands, through events such as the Eastern States 100 and Ironstone 100K, footraces we manage as a stewardship for trailrunners and the community.


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